Monday, January 08, 2007

Singapore Day 1: all that glitters...

Arrived yesterday.
Some people, I heard, lost their luggage along the way. Someone even was delayed by 7 hours. Emirates, despite the good looks of in-flight entertainment (the hugest I've seen), does not seem very reliable.
Went to my room; was not the one I paid for. Glitzy, glossy in pics... Met other room mates, pretty nice. Decided to look for something else nevertheless.
My mission: find my dream room in less than a week.
My strategy: target hotels, be lucky on condo appartments.
My tactics: team-up with another student, and tap in network -worst case scenario, live in School Residence.

P3 starts at 12 today. You'll be witnessing live how to find a place in Singapore...


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