Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Left tail Crew member

It's a couple of hours before exams. I started to review Process Operations Management this afternoon. Too bad, it's the first exam tomorrow...
I'm finding the subject very interesting. Strange. Was I asleep in class? Too bad again, in a 10 hours I will not hear about POM for a while.
At least I get first hand experience of POM's greatest takeaway: KEEP SLACK. I didn't, well, I'm in a deep mess now...

Last thing about POM. We ended P2 with a great session on Humanitarian Aid. As 2 people in the section (E4 by the way, I can tell it now that it's over) came from the Red Cross, we had a hands-on approach to logistics. Their bottlenecks were base-camp material when launching projects... A matter of slack too. Great subject, in which INSEAD is at the forefront, as they provide their expertise for several relief agencies.

Since P1 students are starting to come on campus, my 2 cents on how to better make the most of P1 and P2:
1. Keep Slack, you'll always need it for something unexpected
2. Work regularly, capacity (ie. knowledge) lost in bottlenecks (ie. revision time) is lost forever!

There's no second chance, well, unless you fail and retake.

Wish me luck for tomorrow...

(BTW, pic up is Newton's apple tree in Cambridge: Apple, pomme, POM, revelations. Ha ha. Pic down is the infamous Newsboy announcing Library break for last minute POM review. Yesterday at 12.45...)

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