Saturday, December 09, 2006

In praise of Desi Week 2006

It's official. Desi Week 2006 can officially claim the Crown of best National Week of P1 and P2 (despite their penalty points from not being organised in time).

The whole week was absolut entertainement and fun. Exhuberant of colours, the Desi Week fulfilled the National Week core objectives: to gather people from a same region behind a project (for their own networking sake too), and to show other participants their best, genuine, today's sides.

Girls wore sarees, guys wore long loose shirts all week long.

We had the Basket competition. In traditional India, men gather to form a human pyramid and grab a basket put for them by girls of the neighbourhood.

At INSEAD, well, heavy guys were at the bottom and light girls at the top.

Later on, we still had the across sections competition, this time on traditional dances.

Yesterday, the Indian dinner gathered more than 200 people. Amazing. MBA participant's partners had prepared food from 9AM onwards. It was succulent. Probably not the best way to get ready for an Indian Bollywood party after that, but definetly awesome.

Incidentally, we closed the academic week with a remarkable Marketing case study on Social Marketing in Developing Countries. The case was about birth control using both condoms (targeted to males) and pills (targeted to females) in Bangladesh. We had such a great time in our section, with precious insights from Indian girls, guys, sharing their actual hands-on experiences on the issues at stake.

I guess this is what makes the School tick. I wish it had ticked a bit earlier, because case studies have become enriching experiences. The good news is, a lot of people will go to Singapore in P3.



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