Friday, December 15, 2006

End of Class... A brief summary of P1/P2

Some MBA participant drew this picture. It is about 3 of the star Professors of P1 and P2: Enrico, Igor, and Pascal.
He claimed these were the Big 3, although I would definitely add Accounting Jake, OB Michael and Tom, and Finance Theo.
These Professors have made a lasting impression on me. They were fun, brilliant, insightful, and interactive. They are recognised among their peers, and still consult many top firms. This is what star Professors are about...
P1/P2 is a special phase at INSEAD. It's made up entirely of Core Courses, ie. you must follow them. They are built around practices: Accounting, Finance, Organisation Behaviour/Leadership, Decision Making/Marketing, Strategy/POM. INSEAD has clear leading expertise in the fields of OB, Finance, and Accounting.
P1/P2 is also when you bond with your Section. You have 4 sections in which you spend most of your classes. Funnily, anyone you ask finds his section to be the best one. It's a bit different atmosphere when you swap sections... Of course, I was blessed to be in my favourite section, because it is mine... But also because it was homogenous, with talents evenly spread. Of course, some people shone, some were funny, some quiet. But all were respectful and pertinent.
Brits in particular consistently set high standards of excellence and "to-the-point"ness, in addition to being humorous. Americans consistently asked questions that some people didn't dare to ask. Asians consistently did not disrupt classes with useless comments. Indians consistently shared hands-on experience. In brief, just the perfect people in the perfect section. Great fun, great laughs.
In my case, I found P1/P2 amazing, and slightly daunting. Not that it was particularly insuperable. Just so rich, so intertwined. I really needed some time and step back to see the whole picture, how courses related, talked to one another. Some people find me crazy... In any case, I was too insensitive to fully participate in OB, and too numbers-allergic to participate at all in Finance, Accounting... But enjoyment surely was there.
Specifically, in P2 some cases sent me through the roof. I just loved Leading Organization's Air France Cases A and B, about Power and Politics. MAC's W.Chipset's Case about target-reaching was pretty interesting too. Or the Marketing Case on Bangladeshi Condoms, POM's Laurence and Ralph Newsboy Case (which I discovered 2 days ago during exam review), and Strategy's EasyGroup and Cirque du Soleil.
Ok, 3 exams down, 3 to go. Including my nightmare: Corporate Finance Policy. This guy, the blond in picture, has the look of an angel, but will be the most vile person at INSEAD come Monday, as he promised us hell for the exam.
Next post, I promise some random Sections pics, and P1/P2 pics.

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At 3:57 PM , Blogger doron said...


I have been following your blog with interest, as I am at Insead in Singapore. I also have the nightmare CFP coming up, but I have to say one thing....Why did you get all the star profs? We had Jake who was great, and Pushan who was outstanding, but thats about it....Are you coming to Singapore?...Drop me a line at doron.hallis .....


At 5:25 PM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Hi Doron,
Unfortunately I couldn't find your blog address or mail.
I will be in Singapore indeed, for P3. Although time is going to be short... Hope to see you in Singapore, you'll tell me the good tips to Asian week-end hops. Are you going to Fonty?

As to Professors, my only answer would be luck. One answer that would not satisfy you is that INSEAD seems (my 2 cents) to send this bunch of Profs to wherever demand is. Hence most of them will go to Singapore in P2 Dec07. One last possibility is the AMP/EMBA programmes in Fonty. Some outstanding Profs teach Execs, and sometimes they teach 2 sections of MBAs as well.

Good luck for CFP, I've given up...

At 1:29 AM , Blogger shanulk said...

Your blog is nice. I am enjoying my experience at insead but 2 ppl are spoiling it for me. It seems some of our alumni are not giving INSEAD a good name. (1) Anuron Saxena: this guy working with McKinsey sold me a car that did not work by assuring me that only the battery needed to be changed. But I had to spend Euro 500 for the gas pump. On calling him, he just sounded "helpless". (2) Rajat Khanna: this guy working with Credit Suisse came to the Open House event and I actually saw him shoot down questions and in fact encouraged us not to apply to IB at Credit Suisse!

At 9:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have asked you in a personal email to remove my comment on Anuron and Rajat, above. I had just started INSEAD and Anuron did sell his car to me but he did not have an idea about the car's condition. Also, being at INSEAD has given me a wider perspective on people and I have realised that Rajat may not be the kind of person I make him seem like in my post.

I request you again, to remove this post as this is harming my reputation more than the alumni's.

thank you

At 6:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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