Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Desi Week, Bollywood Party, Cabaret, Singapore, and Exams

Ok, I have 10 minutes to talk about all these...

Currently, it's the Desi Week (Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh I think, and the diaspora). Very well organised, plenty of colours, of textiles everywhere. Beer in class (yes!). Girls in saree. Desi girls are super: smiling, bright, nice, assertive. Guys are cool as well: industrious, assertive, smart. A great bunch of people. Just one thing though: either Indian prices are not what they used to be, or Indians are very streetwise businessmen.
While all National Weeks went for marginal cost pricing, DW chose the hefty premium route. €15 for the tshirt, €20 for the Dinner (normal prices are 10 both)... No wonder India is becoming an economic giant! Tonight was the awesome Bollywood Dance Competition, and Friday is the big Bollywood Night. Pics to come. BTW, the music is absolutely awesome!
Anyway, the Desi Week, just like all of the National Weeks so far, is an absolut triumph.

Monday is Cabaret. It should be fun. INSEAD participants doing their own show.

I hope it will make up for the slight disappointment of the Winter Ball. Although well organised, in the grandiose Malesherbes Chateau, the Ball was more of a big INSEAD regular party with a seated dinner, than a proper ball. Same DJ's as other parties, no ballroom dancing. After all, Balls should be like Prom nights, to which you go with your other half, and dance ballroom dances at first, and then normal modern music...

Singapore is becoming a nightmare for all of us. I hope it's worth, otherwise there will be a revolution. P3 swaps are impossible to arrange for Julys, as nobody wants to stay in Fonty in winter. The exodus has prices skyrocket for everything, when there is still availability. Airplanes: full. Unless you take Air Zimbabwe with 10 stops. Flats: full. Unless you take executive full service top end flats or flats the opposite side of the island. Ok, it's not that bad, but only just. I'll be flying Emirates with a stop-over in Dubai to meet friends on the way back. How cool is this? BTW, hint for you: Qatar Airways and Emirates are the cheapest flights. One stop on the way, no detour, if you fly from Europe of course.

Anyway, I'm done with this nightmare. I've chosen the cool option. Guys, I'll live in Paradise for 2 months... Pics to follow.

Too good this hassle was settled for before exams. Now exams preparation. Less pressure than in P2, that's the problem... I'm a bit too casual these days, unfocused, since too many things to consider.

Last thing: we had our last group meeting, group assignment, group work today. Over. I'll keep the good memories with me. There were some tough times, no doubt about it. We glued the best we could, it was pretty good. I honestly don't think we could have done better; in this respect I'm proud of us all mates. So different, if not extremes, yet we made it without injuries, just bruises, and most of the time with honest appreciation of each other.

To know more about Chateau de Malesherbes (super hotel, wedding and events place):

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