Monday, December 25, 2006

A Merry Christmas, and a Happy Year 2007

Christmas break is so welcome. Since 2 thirds of Fonty intake is going to Singapore for at least P3, people got burned out packing things, emptying room, taking flights, and still to come moving in Singapore. Of these 2 thirds, about half are celebrating end of year in Asia, the other half going back to families. It felt great after so much time so far away. For Xmas dinner, I was lucky enough to have this bottle of wine (pic) -a family tradition each year. Just what life should be: sweet, yet grandiose, immensely rich, yet generous and easy. I wholeheartedly recommend this fabulous wine, and this particular vintage.

Before I can really relax, I still have my professional assignments to complete (see previous post). First one down: I have recommended to change the current Manager, interviewed and turned down the applicant, and provided guidelines/profile/deadlines for recruitment of a new Manager.
Next up, I have set up a meeting with the acquisition target's board. I'm not sure how much you can do within one week, but at least want to end up with a clear schedule of next steps (due diligence, financial analysis, etc.).

Two questions I am consistently being asked: what INSEAD MBA is like, and what I will do afterwards. To me, it is so obvious. The MBA is invaluable (strengths building, network etc.) and I am getting ready to tackle BIG challenges to come, whatever they may be.
I guess most people believe that MBAs lead to Corporate positions, and can not envisage them as a path to entrepreneurship. I'll have more answers in P3, when the entrepreneurship path will start in earnest, but to me there's no question that INSEAD will be a major block of my entrepreneurial skills.

P3 is going to be crazy too. So many people have expressed interest in visiting me over. I have taken maximum credits, and will start courses for which I have applied to INSEAD.
My blogger anonymity will be tested too, as some electives are not very crowded... I'll need to be astute on this!

For now, let's enjoy the remaining days of this fabulous year.
To all my friends around the world, to all INSEADers, to my beloved section, my cherished House mates, to my family and you all, dear guests, I wish you health, good fortune, and happiness in 2007. May it be a wonderful year to accomplish your dreams!

Happy New Year.

PS: Just after I posted this message I was approached by a company I had known before going to INSEAD, whose family management is aging with no possibilities of succession. This is another INSEAD strength: brand recognition. The owners would like me to consider entering the firm's capital in exchange of taking over management. Another thing to reflect about during my "break". Pros: it seems a good business, quite big, involving China, Japan, India, Australia etc. Cons: labour and capital-intensive, in a very unionized environment... Instantly some electives flashed in my mind: Negotiations, Realising Entrepreneurial Potential (ie. How to take over existing businesses), Power and Politics, Corporate Governance. In addition, I should consider joining some of the industry-related clubs at INSEAD...
I'm not getting overexcited either -as there's no free lunch in life, however cool that may sound, would be at the expense of super intensive work and intense stress... Hum, I have 6 months to decide on this one too...

Girls by the way, I'm single, and becoming eligible... Please send your emails ;-) You must accept that I won't be very available for the next 5 years though :-(

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At 4:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Domodomo,
I am a regular reader of your blog and I have seen INSEAD through your blog. I am in the process of applying to INSEAD R2.

Would it be possible for you to give me your email ID so that I can get answers to some of my questions?

Wish you a very Happy New Year!


At 9:49 PM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Hi Britto,

No problem: email questions or comments at
I'll be glad to answer you asap (normally within 2 days).

All the best, happy new year as well and success in your application.


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