Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dean's List!!!

No, joking. I'm actually a bit far from it :-) This hooking effect is called "bait and switch", because instead of talking about the Dean's List, I'll talk about other stuff.

Actually, if there's one Dean's List I could be on to, it's the one of accurate predictions -see post of Dec. 12 - I got it so right about how we rocked the boat in LO team paper, but let's forget about the past. If there's only one learning here, it's that LO grades are not random.
Well, the real Dean's List was released yesterday, and I would like to congratulates people who made it because it honestly is a lot of work/achievement to be on - and they're all extremely nice individuals.

Let's sum up the week in numbers.

0 - Classes I will have to retake. It's official. Technically, there's very little preventing me from claiming that I've passed.
1 - Week needed to find an apartment in a nice location.

2 - My new extraordinary groupmates from a particular elective. We clicked instantly, it's such a pleasure to work with them.

3.5 - Electives taken in P3. So intense, and such an art to match all groupmates schedules.

5 - Groups I have to work in. Combine and average number of 3-4 people, and you get the idea of how tough it is to meet everyone. I feel like having an overbusy CEO schedule some days...

6 - Average amount in SGD paid for 1 main course and 1 drink in a hawker centre.

7 - Weeks left before landing in Paris. Time is too fast, Singapore is so great (campus, people, atmosphere, classes) that some people are considering extending their stays in P4.

8 - Cases or so, in ACF. I think this elective is killing everyone over here.

9 - PM, two days in a row, the time at which classes ended. Yesterday, we saw this great Danish movie "The Inheritance" about the disastrous consequences of taking over a family business out of duty. Today we had a panel set of Venture Capitalists from Singapore sharing on what it takes to be a great manager in start-ups (the answer is: adaptability, comfort in uncertainty, vision, yet hands-on approach).

10/10 Negotiations, Family Business Electives so far. Absolute must at INSEAD, combining excellent Professors, excellent exercices, insights, cutting edge knowledge. It's so refreshing after some recent courses (Strategy, Marketing) out of which, honestly, I'm not sure what anyone can get -although I guess it's a bit unfair to compare Core to Electives. I'll talk more about these two awesome electives later.

To learn more about The Inheritance:

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