Thursday, October 12, 2006

The VilleSurf Party in pics

The Villecerf Party was the second major INSEAD Party -the first being the Bain inaugural night. It was held on Saturday at the stunning Lower Villecerf Demeure.
By "major", I mean, organised with some help from the Student Council and in traditional INSEAD places. The next one will be Montmélian, on November 4.

Pics give a good idea of the ambience: the live-band is entirely made of students, and people tried to wear costume (beach wear dress code). I'm not sure the Endless Summer theme was appropriate though, as dozens of people got a flu afterwards. It got, after all, to 5 degrees celcius that night...

Anyway, this was a resounding success, and credits go to the Villecerf people!

By the way, I borrow the pics from the K drive at random... Most of the time I am not on them. Sometimes I am, though ;-)



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