Sunday, October 29, 2006

About latest Rankings and this blog's comments

Hi. A break during the break to write a long needed post.

First, sorry about my late replies to comments. I've just answered them all.

1. Comments on Business Foundations Programme:
I loved it, and believe it was worth €1,200. My main benefits were: Jake Cohen's introduction on Financial Accounting (for anything, it makes me believe Accounting can be real fun), Pekka's class on Finance. This is Fundations, ie. Classes will start at the level where you finish BFP. This sounds trivial, but many times we were bogged down in class by non-BFP people. On the non-quantifiable aspect, BFP enables you to start networking with classmates that you may not see afterwards. It is really valuable as you only have a couple of months to know who you want to hang out with! As with the MBA, be sure to know yourself: if your background is extensive on Business Administration/Finance/Accounting, maybe you won't need BFP for the hard skills. If you've been out of academic world for more than 6 years, maybe you need it. If you're an Olympic swimmer champion, definetely you need it (it's not my opinion, but hers).

2. To have answers on Admissions process, or classes at INSEAD, or INSEAD, please send me an email to ; I promise an answer within 3 days. I'm terribly sorry for those who needed quick answers (InvisibleInk -I understood you decided to attend BFP Singapore, good choice!) but I'm still discovering the blog's functions...

3. I've been asked about the latest INSEAD rankings.
2006 rankings were: 8th in FT -equal (#1 Wharton), 18th in Wall Street Journal International (#1 ESADE, #2 IMD, #3 EPADE, #17 Wharton, #20 Harvard), 22nd in the Economist -down 11 (#1 IESE, #17 Wharton, #20 LBS).
Let's be clear, rankings only have limited value. Do not choose your school according to short-term changes (which sometimes result from marketing gimmicks). Choose it on brand, and long-term trend.
Let's be clear, the rankings are not good.
Let's be clearer, WSJ and EIU rankings do not count. I mean, if INSEAD had been on its own at number 20, there would have been some validity. But to have INSEAD, Wharton, Kellogg, and LBS between 15 and 25 discredits both rankings.
Yet, I do hope that the School does not turn a blind eye to it. I believe Franck Brown is very conscious about that, and has devised the School's strategy (I have no clear sign on this but though, just blind faith, and common sense). It is weird that the School did not communicate on the results though.

4. I've put in links INSEAD Singapore Blog (Zanatos) and Wharton Blog (Laurea). It is funny, if you have time, to get perspectives from the hearts of each schools.

5. Sorry, sorry again for late replies. Do keep up! Thank you for your encouragements.

All Rankings details and methodology in

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At 2:48 PM , Anonymous Michael said...


I agree that the rankings have limited value. Even so, our administration does communicate and discuss the results with students.

Here in Singapore, Dean Fatas held a forum for MBA students and the rankings were the most important topic. I'm sure there will also be a forum in Fonty, and if you are interested in their take on the rankings I can only encourage you to go.


At 8:01 PM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

Thanks for your comment Michael (I believe it's the Michael from INSEAD Marketing, but not sure).
My point is, WSJ and EIU rankings are not good for INSEAD, but Wharton and LBS are in the same train. Even when not taking into account those rankings (which are nonsense to most of us), INSEAD has slipped down a notch. I have my clues, but am not enough into the programme to have a clear opinion. Yet one thing is certain: much of it is due to mere communication -efficiency of it- and I am on the other hand sufficiently enough into the programme to believe that the MBA Programme is SO GOOD, and so relevant to who makes the most of it. I would be so passionate about the School if I had any doubt about its value on our personal experience.

At 8:03 PM , Blogger DomoDomo@INSEAD said...

I mean I would not be so passionate about the School if I weren't sure of its impact on us...


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