Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Exams over... Break

Exams are over.
After 5 grueling sessions we finally called it a day.
Exams were tough, but fair. Fairness definitely was in everyone's words (with "tough" and "long" and "f*cked up" quite frequent as well), in the way that there was little surprise on subjects. I believe that exams fulfilled their primary roles, that is to convey a fair feedback to the student on his or her understanding of the subject.
There were few tricky computations, even in quantitative subjects, but a lot of intuition was required. Econ, Accounting, Finance, tested our deep assimilation.

Now we expect results in 2 formats: absolute grade (%), which will indicate by how much we have performed -presumably vs. our own personal benchmarks- and Z-scaled grade, which will indicate our position vs. our classmates.

After exams, we all gathered at the cafeteria and drunk Champagne (remember Champagne fines?). Now I'm wondering whether the lawn actually was not the lucky one, as too many people mimicked Alonso in Brasil...

See you in P2.

PS: Thanks for the emails I received during P1, and once again, INSEAD is a tremendous experience. Prospective students, you'll never regret it!

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