Thursday, October 19, 2006

Farewell P1... Wrap-up Week 9

Tomorrow is our last day of Period 1.
We had our last sessions in several classes, kind of emotional.
Enrico was acclaimed - standing ovation and endless applause until he left the amphi. This guy is just awesome, so nice, yet so sharp. He's the one most intimate with us. As a gift, he gave us 100% participation to all! Nice as a gesture, but useless still as we'll be graded on a Z-scale of normal curve. For people like me who did not say too much too often, it's cool though.
Last quote from Enrico: "Don't worry about the exam, I've seen students afraid of their girlfriend's phone number doing very well."

Tim was acclaimed too, with a standing ovation. He put so much heart in his classes, and after them. He inundated us with great emails about past students still asking him for help, organised all these insightful games, and varied with impressive efficiency his class materials. His course will be so useful in the future, and would have been of such immense value in my professional past.

Theo's last class was yesterday, and he too was acclaimed. His last funny trick was to claim that he'll praise so much P2 Professor that our expectations will shoot up and we'll grade him more critically.

These Professors, so tremendously good, the best I've had in terms of how close they were to us, score around 5/5 in the School's grades (as given by students). P2 Finance Professor was graded 4.95 last year. How appetising could this be? I cannot wait...

Tomorrow: last LPG class with Michael, and last Financial Accounting with Steven. Steven really improved a lot since our Academic Representatives gave him the class's feedback. He's now good, and even really good in his Review Sessions.
On the party front, guess what, it's dead. P4 leaving, and us cramming for the exams.

OK, I'm going to study hard my exams. Cheers.



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