Monday, January 21, 2008

The First 100 Days...

Ok this really is going to be the final addition to this blog.
I figured out talking about the post-INSEAD experience was part of the actual deal, and that it may interest potential applicants.

Well, few thoughts that come to my mind:
- I feel so much stronger than before not only thanks to the knowledge, the network, and the soft skills, but also because of credibility and respect from the others (in my particular entrepreneurial field, from banks, suppliers, and family)
- the network works -some fellow INSEADs did help me out on various queries, tapping in their own non-INSEAD networks
- Sense of community is still very vivid. There are still INSEAD parties/gatherings/week-ends in London, in Europe, and even in Sydney (thanks Facebook!)
- Lots of graduates have really created their companies (one online peer-to-peer, one legal services, several real estate, one transport project) -or at least working really hard on it
- Opportunities abound as people seek your skills, knowledge, and network. I was approached by 2 companies to gradually take over management (the Family Firm course was so right on family businesses emotional dynamics)
- Many actually spent some or more of their Hundred days travelling around the world!

Of course, I am not saying other MBAs do not offer more or less the same. Just that INSEAD to me is shaping up as a key milestone in what I hope will be great entrepreneurial adventures!

All the best to all of you, dare to apply at INSEAD, and make sure that the School be a launchpad to your most ambitious dreams.