Monday, January 22, 2007

Introducing "Le Café des Amis" concept on campus

Take 45 people, from diverse backgrounds, that seem to be open-minded and friendly chaps.
Give them coffee, or light drinks.
Pull them all in a small amphi (be it Amphi Mork, Roskothen, 102 or 106).
Invite a nice buddy from Down Under -the Prof. from NZ actually.
Warm the crowd up with some inflamatory, dubious, controversial research findings (North America is more developed than South America, Singapore than Indonesia, because the British were the colonial power as opposed to the Spanish/Portuguese/French/Dutch).

And you get: International Political Analysis!

It's got the same feel as the Café round the corner, with same level conversations. Global waming, terrorism, US-bashing, Chinese Nostradamus-like threat, Iran, in a one-line catcher.

Ok, I'm not saying the Class (our last Core course) was bad, just that I'm not sure about the whole experiential value.
I do hope there'll be some compelling framework of analysis, otherwise we'll have nice heated debates, but for what result? Just like in the Café round the corner...


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