Thursday, January 25, 2007

Antonio, give us back our Mass Mails!

Before I take a well deserved break to some exotic island this week-end, let me share with you a front-runner for the year's Best Log-off Award...

"Dear Antonio,

A few days ago my friend Ed S****** made a great proposition regarding waterproof paper suitable for the Jacuzzi. Hoping that his request gets a positive response I wanted to build up on his proposition:
We all know that INSEAD can be quite demanding when it comes to reading. Hence, wanting to maximize our time resources I wanted to propose you to print some of the cases in toilet paper. I think that this measure would provide an adequate and environmental friendly manner of disposing of those cases after having read them without actually affecting the quality and diversity of the class discussion.

Best regards,


Hum, can't better that! :-)
It actually was a follow-up to another log-off -which I lost, unfortunately- from Ed asking Antonio (Fatas, our MBA Dean) to print readings in waterproof paper so that we could read them in the swimming pool...

Hopefully, Antonio will get tired of being the constant recipient of logoffs, and will give us back our Mass Mails function, which -I must say- he took away unilaterally, undemocratically, abruptly, and shockingly during Christmas break.

Nice week-end to all.

PS: If someone has the Ed waterproof log-off, please share, I'll post it!

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