Friday, November 10, 2006

The Goal...

... is to make Money.

Trivial as that can sound, it is not obvious in today's companies-especially those based on manufacturing- partly because today's accounting system was set up in an era in which all production was absorbed by the market. The money making model is explained magnificiently (and with great fun- hum, well in the Management/Business book scale) in the Goal, written by Eliyahu Goldratt. Some Japanese INSEAD chap told me that the author did not want it to be translated into Japanese because of the competitive advantage that it could give to already super efficient manufacturing companies there. This I don't know.

That naturally leads to talking about Processes Operations Management, by Professor Nils Rudi. This guy gave the class the craps the first 15 mins we had him. So gloomy, and sharp, and un-emphatic. Then we figured out he was Scandinavian, Norwegian to be precise, ie. his humour was as exhuberant as days above 0°C during the year out there. Actually, now I find him funny in his uncanny way...

By the way, grades were disclosed this afternoon. And I did ok, no retake, all grades scattered in my 55 to 95% learning scale.

Enjoy your week-end!

To know more about the Goal, by R. Goldratt:



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